Houston Shaper: Dr. Tameka Maiden, Founder of Cubby Love Bears

Dr. Tameka Maiden is striving to build a foundation for children to go out into the world and conquer anything. Dr. Maiden is a schoolteacher turned pharmacist who founded the educational teddy bear company Cubby Love Bears. The goal of the company is to bridge the gap in language development in children, all the while teaching them new languages. The inspiration for the company started at home, with Dr. Maiden’s daughter Tori. Tori made Dr. Maiden a believer out of the old adage: “Children will make you into a better person.” In Dr. Maiden’s case, her desire to help her child learn her colors made her an innovator. With her teaching background, Dr. Maiden knew learning is best served through repetition. This coupled with the feel and interaction of a teddy bear was the key to helping Tori not only learn her colors in English, but in Spanish too! After sharing this invention, which gave her daughter the foundation of learning a second language at the age of 1, with her friends and colleagues…Cubby Love Bears was born. Now. Dr. Maiden has her hands full designing the newest Cubby Love Bears, being a full-time pharmacist while running her growing educational toy company, and raising her daughter as a single mom. However, her passion has fueled her success. Dr. Maiden is living her purpose here in Houston with Cubby Love Bears, and if she can change the life of just one or two kids, she feels like she’s done her job.