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Jenny Sanchez has always had a passion for dance. Since she was two-years-old, Sanchez has been in a dance costume. Sanchez has made it her mission to redefine the world of boutique fitness.

Sanchez’s career hasn’t always been in dance. Hailing from a family in oil in gas, she grew up thinking that’s what she always was going to do. Sanchez graduated from college, and joined the corporate world of oil and gas, following her parents’ footsteps.

Sanchez said she enjoyed her corporate career, but it didn’t fulfill her happiness. Sanchez left her corporate job to follow her passion and opened Dance House Fitness (DHF).

Sanchez combines her love for dance, group fitness and music in the classes taught at Dance House Fitness. Her goal is to continue to innovate and cultivate uniquely designed classes that keep her clients inspired to become their ultimate best self.

Sanchez uses social media to help make an impact outside of DHF. She shares the good, the bad and the ugly on social media. She hopes that by sharing all sides, people know that its not always easy to be fit, but that they can do it.

Jenny Sanchez is Shaping Houston one dance class at a time.