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Meet Jennifer Welker, founder of Golden Thread in Houston, Texas.

Jennifer Welker began her career as a nurse in the neonatal ICU. As a way to decompress from her long nursing shifts, Welker would design and make her own jewelry at home. She got the idea to start selling her jewelry when people at work began asking her where she got the jewelry she was always wearing.

This is when Golden Thread was born. The jewelry line is lux but at an affordable price for women of all ages.

After having some success with mentions in fashion magazines, Welker decided to send one of her necklaces to Pippa Middleton, hoping she would decide to wear it. Sure enough, Middleton was photographed a few weeks later on her way to work wearing the necklace.

The press from Pippa Middleton wearing the Golden Thread necklace inundated the company with orders. The company was then moved out of Welker’s house and into its own place where there was plenty of room to create, engrave and ship the jewelry. The company continues to thrive and grow.

At Cadillac, we celebrate those whose passion and vision have reshaped our city, our lives and our culture - including Jennifer Welker’s inspiration and creativity.

Her continuous passion makes her one of the innovative and driving persons shaping Houston.