Houston Area Cadillac Dealers




David Buehrer is Houston’s foremost coffee guru. David is bringing warmth, service and hospitality to the city of Houston with every cup of coffee and tea brewed at his coveted coffee shop, Blacksmith.


Buehrer has been brewing and serving his entire working life, making it a simple decision to devote himself to doing so completely. At Blacksmith, Buehrer represents the quality of the farm and is able to present it to the retail sector, keeping every ingredient top notch and delicious.


David opened Greenway Coffee Company in 2008, where he roasts and distributes high quality coffee and tea to various coffees shops, restaurants, and bars, including Underbelly, Coltivare and Paulie's, in addition to his storefront Greenway Coffee and Tea.


Buehrer opened Blacksmith in conjunction with the Clumsy Butcher group in 2013, which has frequently been named one of the top coffee shops in the country. With a pedigree that ranges from being a national barista competitor to hosting TEDxHouston, David has made a name for himself inside and out of coffee.


David will open Morningstar, a coffee and donuts concept, in The Heights in 2016.


At Cadillac, we celebrate those whose passion and vision have reshaped our city, our lives and our culture. Buehrer is doing exactly that by revitalizing Houston’s creative class.