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Shaping Houston: Christina Wells

Christina Wells started singing when she was a little girl. When she was three years old, her mom said she came out of the bedroom with a jump rope in her hand singing.

Wells moved to Houston when she was 5 years old. Wells was raised by only their mother. Wells said they grew up very poor, but that her mother was incredibly creative on figuring out ways to make ends meet.

Wells said she wasn’t very popular growing up, and that being biracial she didn’t ever fully feel like she fit in. When she was a freshman in high school a teacher heard her sing and reached out to her, and asked Wells to sing at the school’s beauty pageant. The pageant changed everything for Wells, she said she became more popular and felt like had more friends.

Unfortunately, Wells weight limited her options and where she was accepted when auditioning. Wells felt like she then had no place in singing and decided to give up her passion.

Wells went on with her life and became a nurse, had kids and got married. People would often ask why she didn’t sing anymore, and she said she was a nurse and that singing couldn’t be her career.

After not singing for many years, Wells eventually decided to do community shows in Houston and then went and auditioned for Pride Superstar Houston.

After Pride Superstar, America’s Got Talent (AGT) saw the video of Wells singing and reached out to her to audition for their show. After much contemplation, Wells decided to go for it and follow her dreams.

Wells said AGT was the greatest moment. After getting cut from the show, she felt invigorated and hopeful. Wells eventually quit her nursing job and has been pursuing music since.

Wells credits the Houston community for help fostering her career. Without their kindness, Wells wouldn’t be where she is today.

Wells is releasing an original song “Ready or Not” and is Shaping Houston one song and confident smile at a time.