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Meet Charlie Hardwick, owner of Uncle Charlie Graphic Arts in Houston, Texas.

Hardwick graduated from art school and went straight into a design job at a small corporation where he designed food packaging. One day, he had an episode at work where he lost all vision for about 45 minutes. Over the years, his vision began to deteriorate to where he eventually became legally blind.

After being laid off, Hardwick began working with the House of Blues designing concert posters for artists that performed at the Houston location. In order to make his designs, Hardwick inverts his screen to be a negative. Because he is legally color blind, he manually dials in the numbers in order to generate each color in his designs.

He runs Uncle Charlie by himself where he does design work for the music industry in the form of event posters. He also designs art prints and promotional items. Hardwick displays and sells his work yearly at the Bayou City Arts Festival where he was a featured artist the third year of his involvement with the event.

At Cadillac, we celebrate those whose passion and vision have reshaped our city, our lives and our culture - including Charlie Hardwick’s perseverance and creativity.

His continuous passion makes him one of the innovative and driving persons shaping Houston.