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SHAPING HOUSTON: Britney Winters

After taking four-hour bus trips with her friends just to get their hair properly styled and cared for the way they were accustomed to; Britney Winters knew there had to be a better way. She understood she wasn’t the only one making sacrifices in the name of hair care, and she strived to bring the spontaneity back to the lives of her fellow hair enthusiasts; to help them live a less tangled life with less emphasis on their hair. Thus, Upgrade Boutique was born.

Upgrade Boutique, located on what Britney calls “The Black Wall Street of Houston:” Almeda Road, is a managed marketplace for custom wigs and other curated beauty products. Their mission is to save women time and money on their beauty routine so they can do more of the things they love. Britney does plan to expand to other markets to help those still taking those long trips. Nonetheless, since Britney firmly believes the sky is the limit for local possibilities, Houston will always be Upgrade Boutique’s home.

Visit Upgrade Boutique’s website here, and check out their Instragram @theupgradeboutique. #ShapingHouston