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Safir Ali, Co-Founder and CEO of Hamper

For Safir Ali, dry-cleaning is in his blood. Growing up, Safir Ali spent a lot of his time at his family's dry-cleaning business. It might have not been his favorite place as a kid, but his time there ended up being the foundation for business venture. In 2016, Safir and his brother Mubeen created Hamper, an on-demand dry-cleaning company that touts to be dry cleaning and laundry reinvented. Hamper aims to give Houstonians an easier and more affordable way to get their dry cleaning. Safir hopes to answer the dry-cleaning industry’s somewhat antiquated service problem, with Hamper’s convenient kiosks that enable customers to drop off their clothes when they get to work and be able to pick them up on their way out. At first, Safir had doubts about starting a tech company in Houston. However, he’s found Houston to be the perfect home for Hamper. Whether it was through partnerships like Hamper’s kiosk manufacturing and the offices they’re located at, or being a member at Station Houston, the Houston community has welcomed Hamper with open arms. #shapinghouston