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GAIN PRECIOUS TIME Up to certain speeds, available Forward and Reverse Automatic Braking can sense forward and reverse collisions and automatically engage the brakes, helping to reduce the crash impact.

TRULY FORWARD THINKING Available Forward Collision Alert monitors traffic ahead, alerting you if a potential collision is imminent, while the available Following Distance Indicator shows the following time to the detected vehicle ahead (in seconds) in the Driver Information Center (DIC).

AN INTELLIGENT WIPER Rainsense Wipers automatically engage when rain is detected, adjusting their speed to the rain’s intensity. Whenever the wipers are activated, Auto-Dry brakes automatically position the brake pads closer to the rotors to sweep away moisture and improve performance.

FIRMLY REASSURING During emergency braking or sudden maneuvers, available Automatic Seat Belt Tightening activates. When conditions revert to normal, the belts ease automatically.

TRAVEL THE STRAIGHT AND SMART Using monitors to sense lane boundaries, available Lane Keep Assist can gently turn the steering wheel if the system anticipates the vehicle is leaving the lane unintentionally or without using your turn signal. Working in conjunction with the available Safety Alert Seat, available Lane Departure Warning shows a visual alert in the cluster and sends a warning pulse through the seat cushion when your vehicle crosses the detected lane marking.

AN ATTENTION-GRABBER Available Lane Change Alert surveys the area well beyond the side blind zone and illuminates the side-mirror warning icon to alert you of a rapidly approaching vehicle. Available Side Blind Zone Alert monitors your blind zones, so if a moving vehicle is in the adjacent lane, it also illuminates the side-mirror icon. In both features, if you’ve activated your turn signal, the icon on the side mirror flashes to alert you.

SEE WHAT LIES BEHIND The Rear Vision Camera automatically displays a live image of the area behind you on the Cadillac user experience screen. Guidelines on the image plot out your intended trajectory, helping you to see people and objects that might be in your path.

GRABS YOUR ATTENTION. SUBTLY. Cadillac’s available patented Safety Alert Seat sends a discreet pulse to the left, right or both sides of the driver’s seat, indicating the direction of the threat — left, right, front or rear. SET YOUR SPACE Available Adaptive Cruise Control–Advanced employs radar technology to maintain a selected distance between you and the detected vehicle ahead.

BE ALERTED EVEN IN REVERSE When backing out of a parking space, available Rear Cross Traffic Alert warns of oncoming traffic to either side of your vehicle with either an audible alert or a pulse to the available Safety Alert Seat.

A HIGHER LOOK AT WHAT SURROUNDS YOU Surround Vision provides a bird’s-eye view of the area immediately surrounding the vehicle when in low-speed Drive or Reverse. This view, projected onto the Cadillac user experience screen, helps increase your awareness during low-speed maneuvering.