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Now that school is back in session that means daily homework. Make your children’s homework routine fun for everyone (sans tears) with these five tips that’ll turn the after school battle into a blast.

Set Up a Fun and Creative Space

Design a space in your home reserved for homework and learning. It’s important your kids like the space and feel comfortable so work together to create an imaginative and stimulating area for homework. Be sure to avoid TV’s, unnecessary technologies, and busy or high traffic areas in your home.

Kickoff Homework with a Fun Warmup

Instead of diving straight into a pile of work; warm up with a brain teaser or quick game. Games like Scrabble, Connect Four and Go Fish are great ways to get kids excited and kickoff homework in a positive way. If your child is a little older try a word search or Sudoku instead. Make it part of your daily routine so your kids will associate homework and studying as a positive activity.

Work Beside Your Child

Try working beside your child as they complete their homework. Use this time to catch up on emails, pay bills, plan a trip, read a book, etc. Keeping your children company as they complete their work lets you lead by example, help keep them on task and be available for any questions they may have.

Turn Homework into a Game

Turn daily studying and homework into a game. Make flashcards or a matching game if the assignment requires memorization. Subjects like history, science and vocabulary work great with flashcards or matching. For math assignments use candy to help visualize multiplication and division. It’s always more fun for kiddos when they can eat a few bits of candy while learning!

Create a Reward System

Encourage positive reinforcement and track progress by setting up a rewards system with your family. Establish attainable goals, short or long term, and decide on appropriate, realistic rewards. Set up a chart to track progress and with each small goal achieved mark it on the chart. Once it’s full, your child gets a reward. Be clear they understand the big picture of what good grades and studying means to avoid the trap of kids only doing well or studying to earn prizes.